During this Year's Easter Worship, the Finance Committee will take up a special Easter Fund for Ministry here at St. Paul UMC.  The goal is $1,500/-.  We thank those who have already committed through pledge commitment of $200 and $100; and encourage all to participate in this Great Easter Giving.

We thank the following church women for signing up for the secondquarter of 2017 Women Fellowship and Ministry:

  1. Sia Gbolie
  2. Ijeoma Juliet Chima
  3. Megan Thomas Diaby
  4. Antoinette Mensah
  5. Victoria Wordworth
  6. Maliaka Honey Zio

St. Paul UMC wishes to thank church members for joining the music ministry.  Those who are still interested are asked to meet withLeroy A. Moore, Music Ministry Leader at 240 281 2140.

To participate in St. Paul's Children Music and Dance Ministry, kindly contact Antoinette Mensah(Fata@FAtutors.com) or 919-741 0085.


Please keep all these members in your daily prayers:

  1. Victor E. LaGrange                  301 890 6467
  2. Becky Raymond                        301 250 5419
  3. Mary Louise Dickenson        301 598 4349 (Senior Living Home)